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Here’s an experiment to see what makes your audience stop in their tracks: First, put a big poster on the wall that is filled with brilliant text, bullet lists, buzz words, etc – and note audience response. Next, put up a big beautiful poster with some gorgeous art – note audience response. Lastly, play some excellent animation (we suggest the old Bugs Bunny cartoon “What’s Opera Doc”) and see how your audience responds. Nothing combines so many creative elements (writing, illustration, voice acting, sound effects, music, etc.) into one glorious expression better than animation! Connect with your audience quickly and effectively with some great animation! Here are a few ways Terminus Media’s animation team can help your reach your audience!

2D & 3D Animation, Explainer Videos, Animated shorts, Feature Length Animation, Episodic animation for television, Commercials, Advertising/Marketing Animation, and Animatics. We are proficient in Flash, After Effects, Toon Boom, Photoshop, as well as Maya, Softimage, and 3DS Max.


We’re #3!! Atlanta, Georgia (where Terminus HQ is located) has jumped to number three on the list of top film production centers in the world, according to Film L.A., Inc., the not for profit film office serving the greater Los Angeles region.

We provide Pre-production services including Scripting, Story Boards, Art Design, Set Design, Producer, Production Manager, Casting, Location Scouts, Budgeting, Payroll, and Production Schedule development. A Terminus Production includes a Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Crew, Gear, Photography, Studio and Location Management. Post Production is the critical to a successful final result an Terminus has all the

Terminus Media produces film and video for TV Commercials, websites, documentaries, independent films, music videos, corporate videos, and television pilots.

From original concept to the final output files for distribution – our attention to detail, professional production staff, and post production team will deliver on time with excellence every time.

Interested in doing business in Georgia and taking advantage of those incredible tax breaks? Terminus Media is listed on the Georgia.org website as one of the top Digital Media and Game Development companies in Georgia! http://www.georgia.org/industries/entertainment/digital-entertainment/digital-media-companies/


Times they are a changing and your website is the one place that your audience and customers come to find out more about you and your products and services. Is your website clearly and delightfully communicating the value of your products and services? Is your website generating leads and sales? Here are a few things we can update to make your website great!

Logos and Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Website Layout, explainer videos.      


Ok, so we all learned to “write” in school – but not everybody can write on a professional level. Our CEO Mark Stancil is 5 feet 7 in. tall and knows how to dribble a basketball but he is so bad at basketball that when he scores – the OTHER team cheers (sorry boss)! The difference between a pro and an amateur writer is the difference between a successful project and a failed project! Here are some types of writing that Team Terminus can produce that will engage your audience, open doors and make good things happen!

Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Screenwriting, Scriptwriting, Ghostwriting, Book Writing (fiction and non-fiction), Novelization, Script Adaptation from one format to another (prose to comic book, screenplay to novelization, etc.), Multimedia, and Audio Copywriting. We can also help with Internet Copywriting, Journalism, Editing, Commenting, Writing Consultation and Training!


A picture is worth a thousand words…or at least that is what our artists and illustrators keep telling the writers here at Terminus. Our writers and artists maintain a friendly rivalry but when you combine great written content with excellent art/illustration – you have something that is engaging in a unique way. Great visual art can capture the eye and attention of an audience in a way that nothing else can. Great art goes directly into the brain! The opposite is true as well though – if the art for your project is “amateurish”, confusing, or obviously sourced from old 1980’s clip art or boring stock photos – your audience will know. Here are some of the types of art and illustration that Terminus Media can produce that will grab your audience!

2D & 3D Art, Visual Development for your IP – including Characters Design, Environments, Objects, etc., Story Boards, Sequential Art, Pitch Packages, Comic Book Art, Cover Art, Graphic Novels, Gag Cartoons, Children’s Illustration, Traditional Illustration, Illustration for Animation, Contemporary Art, Editorial/News Art, Conceptual Illustration, Logos, Art Consultation and Training.


Hey, turn off that game and come to dinner! Sound familiar? The global computer game market has exploded past the 100 billion dollar mark and with the advent of mobile and virtual gaming – this growth and technological innovation will continue! Terminus Media can create engaging content that delights your players.

Story, Scripting, Dialogue, Conceptual Design, Storyboarding, Art, Animation, Coding, Development, Game/UI Design, Sound Effects, and Music.

We design games for PC’s, Smartphones/Tablets, and Consoles.  


Not sure where to start? Let Terminus Media be your guide! We have creative professionals that can join your team as a consultant to help lead your project to a successful completion! Define Project Scope, Develop Production Schedule, Recruit and Manage Talent. We have “been there done that” – so go ahead and leverage our skills and experience as a member of your team!

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